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IRS Representation

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IRS Representation

At Foltz & Associates, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with resolving tax issues with the IRS and providing peace of mind through account resolution for issues such as:

  • Responses to IRS Notices for Late Payment for Filing
  • Preparation of Overdue Tax Returns
  • Analysis of IRS Records & Penalties
  • Installment Agreement Negotiation
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Wage Garnishments
  • IRS Levies & Liens

Preparation of Overdue Tax Returns

Failure to file tax returns can result in the IRS seizure of asset and/or criminal charges. We can assist you with this process and get you in compliance with the law. Filing overdue tax returns is the first step in tax resolution with the IRS, as well as the state governments. Voluntarily filing tax returns helps to avoid and/or minimize late fees, interest charges, liens and levies of assets.

Analysis of IRS Records & Penalties

Analysis of the tax records is the first step in analyzing the options available to resolve your tax liabilities owed currently and for prior tax years. We will review the IRS records and ensure the tax information on file is accurate. We will also calculate the IRS penalties assessed to ensure these penalties have not been overstated. We can also file for reversal of penalties through the abatement process.

Installment Agreement Negotiation

We can assist you with setting up a reasonable payment plan to meet the tax obligations you currently have with the IRS. This will not avoid penalties and interest charges, but allows you time to pay off amounts owed in prior years and avoid liens and levies on personal assets by the IRS. Currently, there are programs for which setting up an Installment Agreement is a fairly simple process, through the IRS Fresh Start Program, for amounts owed less than $50,000. When Installment Agreements are set up and honored, and current tax years’ obligations are met, taxpayers do not have to worry about the IRS seizing personal taxes for prior tax years’ amounts owed.

Offers in Compromise

For those who have tax debts and do not have enough income to meet payments required to meet these obligations, the IRS has Offers in Compromise. Tax debts can be settled for as little as pennies on the dollar in some cases where the taxpayer’s current and future expected income is not sufficient to pay tax liabilities owed to the IRS.

Wage Garnishments

If you have received a wage garnishment for taxes owed, we can assist you with reducing and/or eliminating these wage garnishments through the above services.

IRS Liens & Levies

If you have received liens or levies from the IRS, we can review those liens and levies to investigate whether they can be removed or reversed through the above programs.

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