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You Have Only Three Years to Claim Your Tax Refund

Sam Foltz

October 28, 2015

More than one million Americans each year fail to file a tax return, according to the IRS.  By not filing, many of these people risk losing refunds and credits they're owed.

That’s because there's a three-year law.  This law gives taxpayers who have not filed their income taxes three years to submit a return and claim a refund. The three-year countdown starts on the original due date.

For example, the last day to file your 2012 tax return to claim a refund is April 18, 2016. If you received an extension, your deadline is October 15, 2016.

If you miss the deadline, any excess money you paid – which is money the IRS now owes you – goes to the U.S. Treasury.

Late filers who owe no taxes don't pay any penalty. 

If you have a previous year's return to file, the staff at Foltz and Associates can help ensure you receive all that you're due.  Give us a call at 540-373-6589.


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